The name given to the toxin secreted by the bacterium, whose Latin name is Clostridium Botulinum, has been processed in laboratory conditions and made therapeutic for humans. While it has been used in the treatment of neurological diseases in medicine for many years, it has been increasingly used in aesthetic applications in the last 10 years. Botox is applied as the easiest and fastest wrinkle removal method, the use of which is increasing as the purpose and results are learned all over the world.


Forehead, around the eyes (crow’s feet), between the eyebrows, on the side wall of the nose, fine lines on the lips, wrinkles around the mouth and wrinkles and bands on the skin of the neck occur as a result of the contraction of the facial and neck mimic muscles. The lines between the eyebrows and on the side wall of the nose cause an angry face, the lines around the eyes and on the forehead cause an old and tired facial expression, and the lines around the mouth cause a sad facial expression.

Botox eliminates the temporary contraction of the mimic muscles in these areas of the face and eliminates the tired, angry and sad facial expression, allowing you to get a younger, more vigorous facial expression without wrinkles.

Botox application should be done by experts and experienced people who know the anatomy of the facial muscles well. It is injected into the muscles that cause wrinkles with a very fine-tipped needle. It is not a painful procedure, a slight burning and pain is felt in the applied area. After the procedure, the area should not be rubbed so that the botox does not spread to the surrounding muscles.

Botox method applied for aesthetic purposes

Botox application is a procedure performed in sterile environments under office conditions. It is sufficient to apply a local anesthetic cream to the injection areas. While the patient is in a semi-sitting position, botox, which has been diluted beforehand, is injected into different areas of the face using fine-tipped precision injectors at doses determined according to the patient’s needs. It is applied in a time period of 10-15 minutes in total. After botox application, cold application is made to the injection areas. Massage is definitely not done. Temporary redness and bruising at the injection points is normal, but it is okay to cover them with make-up. You can continue with your normal daily life.

How long is the Botox Period?

The effect of Botox becomes sufficient 1 week after the injection application. The result becomes established after 10 days. The effect of botox applied to correct wrinkles disappears after 5-6 months.

Which areas are Botox applied to?

Nose smile wrinkles (bunny lines) prevention, removal

Eyebrow lift

Chin muscle thinning, face thinning

Alleviation of facial sagging

Underarm, hand and foot sweating

Prevention and removal of wrinkles between eyebrows

Forehead wrinkle prevention, removal

Eye area wrinkle prevention, removal

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Are you ready for a consultation?

Your treatment will be performed by licensed therapist. Schedule your appointment now!