Those Over 18.

Eye Numbers have not changed more than 0.50 diopters in the last 1 year

Myopia up to 10

Hyperopia up to 6

Up to 4 astigmatism

Corneal tissue thickness is sufficient

Those who do not have any systematic disease (Diabetic Rheumatism) etc.

Those who do not have any other discomfort in their eyes Corneal sharpening etc.

As a result of the preliminary examination and tests, the patients who are found suitable are treated.

Excimer Laser, also known as “eye drawing”, is a form of operation that patients with various visual disorders (strabismus, astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia) apply to see clearly without glasses or lenses, without any problems.

The purpose of this operation, which is popularly known as eye drawing, is to eliminate visual disturbances, that is, to change the eye number, by using the excimer laser of the cornea in the front of the eye. With the operation performed by applying local anesthesia to the eye, the excessive camber in myopia is reduced, while the flat cornea is cambered in hypermetropes. These operations, of which almost all risks have been eliminated, are performed on demand, just like aesthetic operations, except in some cases.

Who can not be treated with laser treatment?

Those with thin corneas

Those with keratoconus: (There are different treatment methods for keratoconus.)

Those with severe dry eye,

Those with cataracts

Those with eye damage due to systemic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension

Laser eye surgery is also frequently preferred in myopia treatments. People who want to be treated for myopia often complain about not being able to see far clearly, while they can see clearly. This is due to the refraction of rays coming from the cornea of the eye.

Incorrectly refracted rays prevent them from focusing towards the anterior parts of the retina and cause myopic eye disease in patients. Laser eye surgery is performed taking into account the degree of disease of the people living with this disease and the general condition of the patient.


People who want to be treated for hyperopia using laser therapy generally complain of not being able to see near clearly. This disease occurs because the rays coming into the eye are refracted in the cornea and cannot focus on the posterior part of the retina. Hyperopia can also be treated with laser eye surgery.

Apart from these diseases, different eye diseases can also be treated by laser eye surgery, depending on the degree of the disease and the condition of the patient.

No Touch Laser

No Touch Laser treatment is performed only by instillation of anesthetic drops and the patient does not feel pain during the application. There is no device contact with the eye during the treatment. Direct treatment is applied to the eye with the rays emanating from the laser device. After the treatment, the eyes do not need to be closed, the patient can go home by keeping both eyes open. The application is applied to both eyes in the same treatment session. After the patient goes home, there may be stinging, redness, discomfort from the light and blurry vision of small prints on the television for 36 hours. On the 4th day after the treatment, the patient can continue his normal life by working on the computer and driving an automobile.

Why No Touch Laser Method

Treatment takes place without device contact with the eye.

Both eyes are treated in the same session.

Eyes are not closed after treatment.

It can be applied to patients with thin corneas.

It can be applied to myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

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Are you ready for a consultation?

Your treatment will be performed by licensed therapist. Schedule your appointment now!