Oral and Dental Health

We will talk about 15 Different Applications in our article, which will discuss Oral and Dental Health Treatment methods. Oral and dental health is of great importance in every period of human life. Oral and dental health problems and aesthetic problems caused by teeth can have serious negative effects on people’s lives. Oral and dental health problems can also have an impact on general health. For this reason, full-fledged health institutions in oral and dental health and professional dentists experienced in the field should be contacted for these and similar health problems.

Oral Diagnosis and Radiology (Examination and Scanning)

Oral diagnosis is the diagnosis of oral and dental diseases or systemic diseases in the mouth using radiological imaging techniques in dentistry and planning by the necessary physician. Diagnosis and treatment planning are carried out in our clinics with digital imaging methods (Panoramic x-ray, RVG, Computed tomography).


Implant is a method that is applied to complete missing teeth and has become more preferred in recent years. “What is an implant?” The simplest answer to the question is; We can say that the missing tooth is completed with the help of screws placed in the jawbone. These screws, which are made of titanium, do not cause any damage to the jaw structure.

Implant Applications 

 Implants are screws made of biocompatible titanium that are surgically placed into the jawbone to serve as a tooth root.


They can successfully apply in the practice environment under local anesthesia in single or multiple missing teeth. Implant applications can be performed under sedation and general anesthesia in patients who are worried about dental procedures.


Often, implants are placed after the jawbone is exposed through an incision made in the gum, and stitches are placed on the cut gum area to be removed one week later. Following the operation, you will have a problem-free recovery period with our recommendations and the medications you will use.


Implants integrate with the bone in an average of 2 to 6 months, depending on the bone area they are applied to and the bone density of the patient. At the end of this process, removable or fixed prosthesis can be applied on the implants. In addition to providing function and aesthetics, implants prevent bone loss caused by tooth deficiency and ensure the continuity of form and structure in the jaws.


Implant treatment can be applied to all individuals with good general health. Correct planning, the presence of sterile surgical conditions and the patient’s attention to oral hygiene increase the success of the treatment.

Prosthetic Dentistry (Crowns and Bridges, Removable Dentures)


When tooth tissue loss occurs that cannot be restored by filling, the teeth are restored by making a crown. A crown (veneer) is an example of a restoration that covers the entire surface of the tooth and is adhered to the tooth with a cement suitable for the material from which the crown is produced.

Precious metal alloys, zirconium and aluminum supported porcelain or full ceramic materials can be preferred depending on aesthetic expectations, biological and mechanical requirements in the production of the crown.


Although it is our first option to place an implant in eliminating tooth deficiencies, in cases where implants cannot be applied, the missing tooth can be eliminated by making a bridge. In the absence of a single or more than one tooth, the teeth adjacent to the edentulous area are reduced, and the prepared single-piece bridge is adhered to the reduced teeth and the missing tooth or teeth are replaced.

The material from which the bridge is produced can be selected according to the area of missing teeth (anteroposterior). As in crown construction, metal, zirconium, aluminum supported porcelain or full ceramic materials can be used in bridge construction and bonded with appropriate cements.

Removable Prostheses

When talking about oral and dental health treatments, we often focus on the absence of caries and tooth loss in a healthy tooth structure, and people should pay attention to their dental health. A number of measures have been developed to prevent tooth decay or loss over time, which is necessary for you to smile and eat freely. The most well-known of these are prostheses. The most basic feature of most of the prostheses, which you can easily meet all your needs during the day, is that they are mobile, thus offering the option to remove after use.


When it comes to oral health, gums as well as teeth play an important role in oral and dental health treatments. Situations in which gum health deteriorates sometimes consist of simple gum bleeding, but sometimes it can cause serious problems that can go up to tooth loss. The branch of dentistry that includes the diagnosis and treatment of gum diseases is called periodontology, and dentists who are experts in this field are called periodontologists. Periodontological treatments are applied for calculus cleaning, cleaning of tooth root surfaces and surgical curettage, removal of gingival recessions. In addition to these, the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as diseases of the gingival tissues around the implant, bleeding gums, tooth sensitivity and bad breath are carried out in the periodontology department.

Smile Design

Having an aesthetic smile is undoubtedly the dream of every person. However, many factors, from the color of the teeth to the appearance of the teeth, from the length to the thickness of the gums, are among the factors that affect the appearance of the smile. For this reason, with the smile design application, it is ensured that the person gets the smile he/she dreams of.


Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with dental crowding, disorders in tooth occlusion, and disorders in the relationship of the lower and upper jaws with each other, and dentists who are experts in this field are called orthodontists. Crowded and irregular teeth are one of the most uncomfortable situations when people smile. In addition, other factors such as gapped teeth and the incompatibility of the positions of the bones of the jaws with each other adversely affect both the appearance of the teeth and facial aesthetics. Such disorders, on the other hand, can impair chewing function. The healthiest solution to all these tooth appearance and jaw structure problems is possible with orthodontic treatment, which is also known as wire treatment among the people.

Pedodontics (Child Oral and Dental Health)

It is a specialty that deals with dental problems of all children between the ages of 3-12. This unit, which provides the necessary oral hygiene and education, provides services with the aim of making future generations conscious about oral and dental health. Fissure sealant and fluoride applications are performed by a pedodontist in order to prevent dental caries. It is a unit that also works to prevent the occurrence of orthodontic disorders.

Jaw Joint Discomfort

The jaw joint, which has a very important place in the structure of the mouth, is generally used for chewing and the movement of the muscles is directly proportional. Problems that occur on these joints and muscles where chewing is done are called jaw joint disorders. Although painkillers to be used in such cases only have a temporary effect, they do not have therapeutic properties. The tooth continues to ache after a while, causing discomfort, and these discomforts can also bring swelling. In this case, the tooth has to be extracted. However, since it is very difficult and costly to replace a tooth, cleaning the nerves in the pulp, that is, root canal treatment in the tooth, is a prescribed form of treatment.

Impacted Tooth Extraction

Our teeth, which have an important place in human life and can sometimes be considered a source of self-confidence, are the grinders of the most delicious meals. However, everyone may encounter some situations that will negatively affect both the function of their teeth and their smile. One of these, and the most common, impacted tooth, provides you with healthy teeth and a beautiful smile by using an effective treatment method. Oral and dental health is a very important issue. Health starts with the mouth. What is oral and dental health? A single answer is not enough. These questions increase the importance that the society attaches to oral and dental health, and raise the awareness level of the society. Oral and dental health diseases include gum diseases, dental caries, tooth shape and position disorders, clenching, impacted tooth problems. In case of impaired oral and dental health, only the digestive system is not affected. In addition to the digestive system, it also affects heart system diseases, diabetes, immunosuppressive diseases, pregnancy conditions. Patients with gum diseases and dental caries are always patients with a high potential for infection. Infection in the oral region is always a risk in patients with heart diseases and immunosuppressive diseases. In order to minimize the risk of endocarditis in our patients with heart disease, they should not have any caries in their mouths and their gums should be healthy. Este Tria brings together physicians who will provide you with the healthiest service in all these services. Leave your health to our expert staff, not to chance.

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Are you ready for a consultation?

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